quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

To my blip listeners

Hi everybody from blip,

I'm still in blip.fm for three reasons. I simply love to interact with people who loves music too, is wonderful discover new musics every single day and by sheer stubbornness.

Explaining the third reason in a consistent way:

First, I have a slow connection at an expensive cost, this is in some way immoral, but...: lack of infrastructure, live in a region not very privileged, lack of respect with the customer... and so on!
But I can't change this for now, unhappily!

For the third reason, I rarely hear a tune from the beginning to the end without having to stop and play many times. I can interact so much.

I have almost 2k listeners, then I receive more than 50 emails per week about props or reblips, but I can't handle with this in a proper way, many times I have to simply ignore and delete some of this messages. But...

My English isn't perfect or at least fluent, then more times than I would wish I'd rather be silent than talk nonsense.

I think that this is good explanations for my strange behavior on blip.fm.

Thanks a lot for props, rb and attention!

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